Currently Accepting Review Requests

If you'd like me to review you're book, please email, and "follow instructions" I listed below. You may also contact me via email with blogging inquiries. If I am not accepting your request, I will not reply to the email, sorry.

Please know that I WILL NOT contact you once the review is up, I forget to do so a lot. (I mainly don't contact authors because I don't enjoy books often, and I'm afraid of confrontation.) I DO NOT read non-fiction, I've tried many times, it never works. I prefer Fantasy, but I will read most books. I do not tolerate racism, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, etc. If your "work" includes any of that, I will burn it.

When contacting me, I would greatly appreciate a little bio about yourself/introduction, the book cover (I judge book covers... sorry not sorry,) and the synopsis. I tend to finish books in 1-3 days, sometimes it takes longer, a week. The best way to track my progress is by following my Goodreads, which is linked in my social media widgets. I post reviews sporadically. I'm not an analytical reader. You should read my most recent reviews to gauge my style of writing. 

I prefer physical copies, but electronic copies are fine too. If you are sending a physical copy...
1) I won't be inclined to give it a higher rating. 
2) I know it's common sense, please DO NOT share my address!
3) I may photograph it on my bookstagram, which you can also find on my social media widgets.

If you are sending an electronic copy, I prefer MOBI(?), I read on the Kindle App.

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